Adult Human Trafficking Screening Tool

The Adult Human Trafficking Screening Toolkit and Guide, a national toolkit co-authored by Julie Owens and Wendy Macias Konstantopoulos, M.D., M.P.H, for the DHHS Office for Trafficking in Persons, National Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance Center, is now available online line at no charge — click the button below to download.

The toolkit is for identifying adults at risk for human trafficking in public health and social service settings. It includes the Adult Human Trafficking Screening Tool (AHTST) that Julie and Wendy designed for use across various health care, behavioral health, social services, and public health settings in order to assess adult patients or clients for human trafficking victimization or risk for potential trafficking victimization. The national screening toolkit is a survivor-centered, trauma-informed, and culturally appropriate intervention tool. 

Julie's co-author, Wendy Macias Konstantopoulos, M.D., M.P.H, is an attending physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine where she founded and directs a clinic for trafficking victims and survivors. She also teaches at Harvard Medical School.