New Book Series: "Religion and Intimate Partner Violence"

Julie was recently approached to write a recommendation for the back cover of an exciting and important new DV book set for release this November. "Religion and Intimate Partner Violence: Understanding the Challenges and Proposing Solutions" is part of the Oxford University Press Interpersonal Violence Series edited by Jeffrey L. Edleson and Claire Renzetti.  It distills the twenty-five years of research done by the soon-to-be retired sociologist & author of numerous book on DV & faith, Nancy Nason-Clark, PhD, into evidenced-based best practices and will be the most exhaustive, informative book ever written on domestic violence and religion. 

Dr. Nason Clark is the editor of the international Journal Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review, President of the international Religious Research Association and past president of the Association for the Sociology of Religion. Her seminal work will equip pastors, DV victim advocates and BIP professionals to better understand and work with Christian women who are victims and church-going men who abuse.

Julie has collaborated with Dr. Nason Clark and her long -time research team and co-authors Barbara Fisher-Townsend, PhD, Cathy Holtmann, PhD and Stephen McMullin, PhD. for many years. They have planned and produced training events, conferences and books, and worked on the development of the RAVE (Religion And E-learning) website, which is now under construction for an update and re-launch this fall.To read more about the authors, visit the RAVE website and see "Meet Our Team".